April 24, 2014

WEN 56352 3,000 Watt Generator

Do you become powerless when there is no more electricity? Well, you do not have to worry anymore when there is WEN 56352 3,000 Watt Portable Generator!

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The WEN generator safety secures anything in terms of power outage, from any place or from anywhere.

If you want a small generator that provides both 120 and 240 volts, then read on for the product description to prevent misleading.

The 56325 WEN generator serves as a good emergency power at home or in the office.  Also, this generator is not only intended for emergency situation, it can also be use even when the extension cord is unreachable, ideal for camp matters and it helps power any equipment for continuous work. It can also help to supply any materials or tools in need of energy.

The unit has 6.5HP OHV and its engine has a singular cylinder, it has a running watt of 3000 power and a time of fifteen hour run at half a load. It features a 120V outlet, a 12V cigarette style and DC receptacle and a 120/240V-NEMA outlet.

It also comes with an automatic volt regulator, an hour engine counter and a circuit breaker. It is built with a four gallon capacity fuel tank with a fuel gauge, an automatic low engine oil shutdown and a non contact transistorize ignition and wheel kit.

Ranging from 2,000watts up to 3,000watts, you’ll definitely feel safe and secure whenever there’s a sudden power outage.  This is one of the most-sought after portable generators available in the marketplace today. The WEN generator also received a 5 star rating and positive customer reviews. The unit is well built with durable steel frame.

It is one of the best portable generators that offer best value for your money. Running at 3,000 watts, this compact generator has the capacity to run many essential appliances in your home.

Overall, the WEN 56352 generator is crafted in a very great design and so far the generator has not ever been failed to start the first pull. The product features a 3500 peak and 3000 watts, 4 gallon capacity fuel tank with a fuel gauge, a run time of 15 hours and an automatic low oil engine shutdown.

Customers are very pleased with it and have a great deal of experience and are very satisfied with the WEN 56352 3,000 Watt Generator. Thus, this generator is a must-have item at home at a very low cost!

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